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The Kunsters

Kunst Creative Bureau was established in 1997 in Athens, Greece by Anton Coumoundouros. At Kunst, our focus is to find unique and innovative ways to serve our customers in the advertising and promotions arenas.

In Greece, Kunst Creative Bureau coordinated and sponsored exhibitions of young Greek artists, leaving its own mark in the plastic arts. Flexible proposals, creative designs and deep knowledge of communication distinguished our projects. Now, the Creative Team is ready to analyze, strategize, and produce results in America.

It is time to investigate how viable your business is. Contact us so we can present innovative methods of increasing your visibility and customer base, as well as taking your Brand to the next level.

We can bring business concepts to life!


The 1 of The 1%

Our secret weapon is a continuous source of inspiration and ongoing support in every project we have, all the way! A creative mind game that brings us to the next level.
We are proud to have beside us such a distinctive personality.

more upon request!

photo cv

Panagiotis Papoutsis

Panagiotis Papoutsis has a real passion for arts and culture. As Cultural Marketing Manager, he has organized numerous cultural events and exhibitions in Europe. The combination of knowledge and experience as well as his love for photography have lead him to create the Photometria Photography Festival. Among with his art activities, he is a wrestler and a music producer. Elements that add a special value in every project that he deals.



Stratos Tzortzoglou

Stratos Tzortzoglou is one of Greece’s most famous actors who was discovered by the director Karolos Koun in 1987.
He has received accolades from numerous industry legends including :
INGMAR BERGMAN (nine-time Academy Award nominee) compared “Stratos to a stradivarius violin adding that the great actors are great instruments”.
JIM GIANOPULOS (chairman of 20th Century Fox) : “Stratos is destined for great things”.
ELIA KAZAN (3 Academy awards) “compared Stratos to Warren Beatty”.
THEO ANGELOPOULOS (Palm D ‘Or in Cannes Film Festival)”Stratos can absorb everything,turning them to an advantage”.
MICHAEL CACOYANNIS (5 time Academy Award nominee)”Stratos is that rare phenomenon,a “natural”who combines striking good look with that special brand of talent which blends a fiery temperament with easy personal charm”.
JULES DASSIN (Academy Award -nominated , Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival for Rififi ).”Stratos’Biff Loman was the most passionate Biff I ‘ve ever seen”
OLYMPIA DUKAKIS (Oscar Winning Actress) “Stratos has a lot to offer to the American film industry in his unique sense of acting,combing talent,intuition,passion and determination”.

We are very proud and honored that Stratos is our Art Advisor. His valuable experience guides our creative way of thinking!



Anton Commodore

Anton Commodore has been an Advertising Concept Director for many years. He has clients both in Europe and in the United States. Planning, organizing and implementation of social events for key entrepreneurs in Europe is one of his best skills. Anton has also been involved in politics, and he has worked in the Prime Office in Greece. He has published three novels, loves to exercise, worships nature and believes that life is wonderful!



Dinos Kapetanos

As Creative Manager, Dinos Kapetanos, has done several television productions in advertising and has coordinated many campaigns. He has set up a video production company specializing in corporate promotions and social events. He knows the art of filming, and through his lens he can highlight the right point. Dinos is a visionary. He is man that lives his life to the max!



Olga Koumoundourou

Olga is a highly creative person who shows a consistency, determined and motivated attitude in her work. As Art Director, her ideas, expertise and deep subject knowledge prove to be an asset for each work she creates. Olga’s real passion and the way she facing her art are the parameters that determine our creative power!



and the Cat!

who knows well about:


Strong Identity

  •  Logotypes
  •  Brochures and all the necessary printing applications
  •  Creating powerful database

Internet Channels

  • Conjectural web design and content editing
  •  Increasing and supervising Social Media
  •  Evaluation, editing and data entry (Youtube – Vimeo etc.)

Media Relations

  •  Newsletters
  •  Press Releases


Our cat is a brilliant cat, she always has the right idea and always can give life to it!


Recent Work


powered by ENCODE

Enterprise IT Security Conference

Athens, February 17
proudly powered by ENCODE.  Custody by Kunst Creative Bureau.

Another very important Conference on Internet security under the auspices of one of the leaders in the area of Cyber Security.

Our cooperation with ENCODE’s executives, is a great and very creative challenge for us!

image by



Do U Believe?

Photometria Photo Festival 2015

Theme: FAITH

Photometria Photo Festival is organized for the seventh year in 10 cities of Greece and is the first interactive festival in which they can participate and vote those who love realy the art of photography. A field for promoting and development of contemporary photography with the parallel collaboration from cultural organizations and festivals internationally.

Photometria Photo Festival is the place of cross-cultural meeting, conveying ideas, traditions, philosophies, and expressive through all points of the globe. A cultural umbrella under which the photographic expression and creativity cultivated.

Get ready for a Festival full of creativity, exhibitions, seminars and photographic wanderings.



images by


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Be the captain in your own journey!

“I feel strong – I am happy! Because I am the captain in my own journey. And I am free!”

Another creative challenge for us! Art Vision asked us the copywriting for a new video that they have done. Great work full of inspiration by the big blue sea!

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Are you the 1 of the 1%?

Who is facing the mass? Who is dealing with cancellation procedures, with weak attitudes and without substance? Are You the 1 of the 1% that do not stops, do not knows obstacles, but goes forward along with ally the power of your mind and you feel strong and pure?

Because You, the 1 of 1%, You have earned the privilege of criticism, You have give samples that caused the mass to deal with you and when many people are aimed at one person, then this person has interest and value.

And You’re the one who continues to improve, who converts criticism in pure force, engraving your own path.

And finally, You gained victory, because it is You the 1 of the 1%.


The hidden Website



Once upon a time I was asked to design ENCODE’s new corporate website. My mind focused immediately in one fact – to all those major points that characterizes ENCODE, the knowledge, the efficiency and the capacity that comes from ENCODE’s dynamic / from ENCODE’s people.



by the People for the People



So, I created a website based in human image thru short videos, because it adds immediacy and diversity, because symbolizes actual time – it’s happening now online “by the people for the people”, and also because in a sense this is a challenge to bring down the masks in a cyber world full of hidden faces.



a Creative Agency or a strong Cyber Security Company?

What’s the final image after all? Maybe a website about a “Creative Agency” full of young and a kind of sloppy people, as with so much ease and stupidity someone said? Definitely yes, because when we are talking about Cyber Security we have to be creative, unconventional and a little curious. And of course, the big Internet world has always supported the new, the creative, the subversive. “Tie and geometric combed parting” never matched to Cyber Security World.

Anton Commodore


ENCODE the Next Generation SIEM event

Organizing, Coordination and Implementation of the Conference: “IBM QRadar – Next Generation SIEM”, under ENCODE’s directives.

During the seminar, held in Athens on November 19, executives from IBM and ENCODE, presented the new dynamic configured globally on the safety Cyberspace. The keynote speaker of the conference, was Mr. David Bosomworth, European Sales Director, IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform.

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The Interviews

Executives talk about “Managed Security Services”, ENCODE’s exclusive service.

Our concept was the “on camera presentation” of this service by company’s different representatives and via the inventive montage to give the whole picture

We would like to thank Art Vision for creating this video and also for the excellent cooperation during the all process.

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Calm Order Secure

ENCODE’s corporate video

We would like to thank Art Vision for this movie. Their capability and imagination gave life to our concept.


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ENCODE is a leading global provider of IT Security and Digital Risk Management services that stands out with its expertise across vertical industries and security technology, coupled with on-going, innovative security research and the unmatched qualifications of its people.

We are very proud that we have the full responsibility in the fields of advertisement and communication based on a very creative strategic plan.

A very unique challenge for our minds and souls!



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Definitely we bring business concepts to life!

The United States Congress in a very special event presents the health benefits of the Greek diet and creates stronger trade relationships in food products between the United States and Greece.

The brands that we have designed for the pasta products of “Hellenic Grocer” will be there, next to every official – in every public eye!

Yes, definitely we bring business concepts to life!


The Good Life Project

The reason is the problem of malnourishment in particular social groups with priority given to children. We believe that we have to deal drastically and we recommend the organization of a campaign in order to tackle part of this problem. But in no case any action be seen as charity and injure the souls of little children. So this is our proposal: A series of effective actions in the form of educational events, like celebration, which marks the campaign in each selected area. Like to offer a gift, not charity. The children would have fun and we have to remember that their presence and their innocent soul honors us!

for more information, please contact us!


The Art of Acting

Artistic design of a brand new website that has been based on a prescribed form, for the European leading actor Stratos Tzortzoglou. Evaluation, selection and import all the necessary data, all the selected visual material and coordination of each text that appears in his new website.

The main axis of our thinking has been the completed presentation of his personality through his important and perennial work, focusing on the present.


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The Branding

The need to create labels for 7 different products under the same brand name was the next step for us.

We designed labels for five different pasta products and for olive oil and olives. A great challenge for our imagination and creativity!

The Result: very positive impressions from our client but also from the largest food distribution company in the world that has undertaken the distribution of those products. So with pride now we say that our work was successful and the result of this work is in the American market and this fact can only honors us!

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New York loves Greek food

This is what we have: A Famous Greek Chef with her own TV show in Greece, multiple appearances on prime time American TV, and a recent post as visiting Chef for President Obama at the White House. Our core strategy is described by our main motto: “Loi Restaurant presents a unique experience in fine dining”. So we first created a strong database and a new website. Then, we start using Social Media on a daily basis in order to increase the restaurant’s client list and to reinforce the overall image. Sending newsletters on a weekly basis and informing the press with interesting news about Loi Restaurant» activity completes our actions. The Result: growth in brand awareness and immediate increase of new customers visiting the establishment.


A warm summer evening

The Kunst team arrived in New York a warm evening in June 2013, just a couple of months ago. After two recent successful campaigns in Europe, the boys are now ready for new challenges on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our recent European Project

The T.T. Boat and the Big Blue Sea

The Idea: Just picture a small boat cleaning up the bay of Thermaikos on a daily basis. This could be great scenery for people going by and a great deal of relief for the coastal areas of Thessaloniki. In fact, there once was a boat doing this job, but it grew old and needed repair. The Solution: TT Hellenic Postbank made this happen again. The bank agreed to cover the costs of repairing and upgrading the onboard equipment, so that the boat, dressed with the bank’s logo, will sail again in the waters of Thermaikos, cleaning the bay. The Result: Clean waters – Quality of Life – Respect for the Environment.

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