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Kunst Creative Bureau was established in 1997 in Athens, Greece by Anton Coumoundouros. At Kunst, our focus is to find unique and innovative ways to serve our customers in the advertising and promotions arenas.

In Greece, Kunst Creative Bureau coordinated and sponsored exhibitions of young Greek artists, leaving its own mark in the plastic arts. Flexible proposals, creative designs and deep knowledge of communication distinguished our projects. Now, the Creative Team is ready to analyze, strategize, and produce more results in the States.

We can bring business concepts to life!


The 1 of The 1%

Our secret weapon is a continuous source of inspiration and ongoing support in every project we have, all the way! A creative mind game that brings us to the next level.
We are proud to have beside us such a distinctive personality.

more upon request!

photo cv

Panagiotis Papoutsis

Panagiotis Papoutsis has a real passion for arts and culture. As Cultural Marketing Manager, he has organized numerous cultural events and exhibitions in Europe. The combination of knowledge and experience as well as his love for photography have lead him to create the Photometria Photography Festival. Among with his art activities, he is a wrestler and a music producer. Elements that add a special value in every project that he deals.



Stratos Tzortzoglou

Stratos Tzortzoglou is the leading Greek actor of his generation – a star of the stage, television, and cinema. Born in Athens in 1965, he studied at Karolos Koun’s Art Theater school, and worked in theater with directors including Koun, Minos Volanakis, Jules Dassin, Spyros Evangelatos and Roula Pateraki and in cinema with Theodoros Angelopoulos, Pantelis Voulgaris, Michael Cacoyannis and Nikos Panayotopoulos. He worked with Catherine Deneuve in 365 Days of Birth, and in 1994 with Eva Bergman in the film One Love and the Other, co-starring with Lena Endre. In 2004, he worked with Michel Favart in the film Le Dernier Monsieur des Balcans. In 2004, he appeared in Leah Vitali’s play Roast Beef at the Riverside Studio in London. Throughout the Greek-speaking world he is instantly recognisable as the star of television dramas including The Life of Others, In Red Background, Windows Club, Following the Heart, In the Shadow of War, Fallen Angel, The Scars of Love, Tide, Wonderful Life, and Achaia’s Guards. He received the National (Greek) award for Best Actor for the film Up, Down and Sideways by Michael Cacoyannis (co-starring Irene Papas), and Best Actor in Stars de Demain for the film Landscape in the Mist by Theodoros Angelopoulos.
In 2007-2008 he played ‘Dionysus’ in the National Theatre of Northern Greece’s production of The Bacchae – a performance captured by Bruno Coppola, which led to their film by the same name. THREE WAY WEEK will be the third time Stratos works with Coppola.

We are very proud and honored that Stratos is our Art Advisor. His valuable experience guides our creative way of thinking!



Olga Koumoundourou

Olga is a highly creative person who shows a consistency, determined and motivated attitude in her work. As Art Director, her ideas, expertise and deep subject knowledge prove to be an asset for each work she creates. Olga’s real passion and the way she facing her art are the parameters that determine our creative power!



Anton Commodore

Anton Commodore has been an Advertising Concept Director for many years. He has clients both in Europe and in the United States. He believes that good ideas are only those being implemented. And in order to do so he does not stick to details. He believes that everything can be done at a specific time as long as there strength, willpower and perseverance. Anton trains his body, exerts his spirit and works for his soul. Touches unexplored aspects of existence and feel free. And that’s really a good thing.



and the Cat!

who knows well about:



  • Business Concept
  • Logotypes
  • Branding



Web Channels

  • Online Campaigns
  • Conjectural web design and content editing
  • Increasing and supervising Social Media

.:: Photometria Ioannina Photo Festival ::,


Media Relations

  • Communication
  • Strategy
  • Press Office Procedures

lgencode new-01


Our cat is a brilliant cat, she always has the right idea and always can give life to it!



Recent Works



A beautiful sailboat, a strong company and a  new campaign is born!






Fast like a Bullet, Powerful like ENCODE

stay tuned for more…

Photo by Nikos Zagas



A Cyber Security Congress powered by ENCODE – A design by Foolish Designers and a new campaign via Twitter is born. #cyberthrucolors is the concept. Small details from the design as teasers. Each with a sort phrase about the symbolism of color. But stating also our point of view.  And a very simple image can represent all the above. Because 1 image is more that 1000 words.

design by


Logo IBMpartner copy

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Do U Believe?

Photometria Photo Festival 2015
Theme: FAITH
We chose the motto Do U Believe? in an attempt to tease viewer’s eye and mind before Festival’s announcement. The term Faith refers mainly to religious sentiment but here is the challenge:  how each artist will create inspired on the meaning Faith.



design by




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Be the captain in your own journey!

“I feel strong – I am happy! Because I am the captain in my own journey. And I am free!”


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ENCODE the Next Generation SIEM event

Organizing, Coordination and Implementation of the conference: “IBM QRadar – Next Generation SIEM”, based in one and only Concept: the Leaders of Cyber Security.


Logo IBMpartner copy



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Calm, Order, Secure

ENCODE’s corporate video
We are talking about Cyber Security, we have to be creative, unconventional and a little curious. And of course, the big Internet world has always supported the new, the creative, the subversive. And that image became from ENCODE’s people.


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Definitely we bring business concepts to life!

The United States Congress in a very special event presents the health benefits of the Greek diet and creates stronger trade relationships in food products between the United States and Greece.


The brands that we have designed were there, next to every official – in every public eye!
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it’s all about the Face

Artistic design of a brand new website that has been based on a prescribed form, for the European leading actor Stratos Tzortzoglou.
The main axis of our thinking has been the completed presentation of his personality through his important and perennial work, focusing on the present.
And the face was the key point!


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The T.T. Boat and the Big Blue Sea

The Idea: Just picture a small boat cleaning up the bay of Thermaikos on a daily basis. This could be great scenery for people going by and a great deal of relief for the coastal areas of Thessaloniki. In fact, there once was a boat doing this job, but it grew old and needed repair.

TT Hellenic Postbank.svg

and then Kunsters took action!

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in Progress

Kunst team arrived in New York a warm evening in June 2013. After the successful campaigns in Europe, Kunsters are ready for new challenges on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.



Yep, we bring business concepts to life and we don’t face borders!




A Boat – A Fairy Tale – Many Perspectives



Let’s go for a ride!


Frederik1Education thru Sports





The Good Life Project



 The 7 Elements of Good Life






and there is only one song that can perfectly describe our way of thinking in each one concept, in each one tiny little idea that we have in our mind:


Thank you Barbra!


Performance by: Barbra Streisand

People” is a song composed by Jule Styne with lyrics by Bob Merrill for the 1964 Broadway musical Funny Girl starring Barbra Streisand.

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